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    About Monster

    Monster is a Green Iguana and was born in 1998. He was sold in a local Dallas Texas pet store for only $12.95. He was picked out solely based on appearance. Monster was the brightest iguana of them all and had the most spunk. Unfortunately, both of those characteristics faded gradually the older he became.

    Throughout his lifespan, his own habitat has taken a toll on his health. The current light source, which was a valuable necessity, has burned and left minor scars. The heat sensation felt so good he couldn't resist moving!

    However, Monster was faced with a serious mite problem. After weeks of treatment, he appeared to rid of the pests. Unfortunately, weeks later the pests would return and resume their blood sucking diet on Monster.

    It was later realized that the parasites were actually breeding in the habitat even after numerous bleach cleansings and scrubbings. The only logical next step was to construct a better habitat. The mites left permanent scarring and ate away some of the spikes on his back. Through clumsy climbing, Monster has dismembered 2 fingers. Besides that, the rest of his health is good.

    By infections unknown, Monster had an abscess develop underneath his right eye. The abscess was removed with surgery and Monster was under anesthesia. It took the wound 3 days to heal and 20 days of antibiotic shots.

    Throughout Monster's life, he has accomplished 2 incredible feats. He is potty trained! After only two weeks of training, he has learned to defecate in a water dish placed in his habitat. Originally, before he could roam freely throughout the household, he had to wait in the bathtub and defecate before venturing. With time, Monster eventually accepted water as a natural waste management resource. He is currently in litter box training.

    The second feat is truly remarkable. During an escape attempt, Monster's best choice of action was to leap from a 3 story balcony as if it were an Amazon tree. The landing surely knocked the wind out of him, which froze him for about 2 minutes. No physical damage was noticed. Not sure if there was any mental damage, but there wasn't much brains there to begin with.

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    About Monster Monsters Cage How to take care of an Iguana Other Iguanas GAMES! Disclaimer Please Read
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